5 Hair-Changing Benefits of Moisture


        For some naturals, it can be incredibly hard to manage their hair. Between your scalp flaking and end breaking, loving your hair might seem impossible. But what if I were to tell you that properly moisturizing your hair was the key to reducing those struggles and enjoying your hair? When you remember to value your wash days, deep condition regularly, and use the right oils (and the right amounts), you’ll see a major transformation in your hair’s quality. Need more motivation toward moisturization? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 benefits to having well moisturized hair. 


            1.   You’ll be more confident in beauty of your curls

Confidence is one of the biggest reasons most of us went natural in the first place. The uniqueness of our kinks and coils can cause us to walk out of our houses feeling like we could outshine Rihanna herself. Properly moisturized hair will also make your morning and nighttime routine shorter. That means more time for makeup or maybe an extra cup of coffee. So don’t be afraid to experiment with moisturization and find out what works best for your hair.


           2.   Moisturized hair means a moisturized body

A common misconception is that moisturizing your hair only means washing your hair, using a spray bottle, and maybe adding hair lotion. But moisturized hair comes from the scalp and the scalp is attached to the rest of your skin, right? And how do you keep your skin moisturized? By drinking enough water. Yes, your mother was right when she said that drinking water is important. You need to be able to moisturize your body inside and outside to reap the benefits of healthy and happy hair.


         3.   You won’t have to deal with common hair care problems

If you hate breakage, tangles, dryness, and brittle hair (and who doesn’t), then you need to make sure your hair is properly moisturized. Dry hair is a major cause of these stubborn situations. When you experience this, just add a little water, a good leave-in conditioner, and consume more water. Care for your hair properly on wash day and maintenance will be a breeze. You’ll see improvements in the quality of your curls, moisture retention, and health of your scalp.


         4.  Moisturized hair means you can try out more styles

One of the best things about being natural is how versatile styling can be. Puffs, braids, updos, and twists are only a few of the options that you have when your hair is properly moisturized. However, when your hair is dry and tangled, it has little to no shine, gets frizzy, and is probably breaking off a lot. So, keep your hair properly moisturized and you’ll be able to fully express yourself. Let your imagination be the limit, not your hair.


          5.  Growth, growth, and more growth

Growing up, most of us were told that our hair wouldn’t grow unless it was relaxed (which wasn’t true). Today, thankfully,  there are so many naturals out there who have shown that coily hair has visible growth. Take advantage of the inquisitive curly girls around you. Ask your curlfriends for tips, tricks, and different Karen’s Body Beautiful products to use. Make sure you follow this blog often for more advice and information on how to care for your curls, too.


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