5 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn't Growing, (Or So You Think.....)

There are a ton of reasons why your hair may not be growing. Achieving and keeping length is a struggle that many people go through, but the reason(s) why each person faces this challenge isn’t always the same.

One thing you should never do is let slow growth frustrate you. There’s always a remedy. Plus, oftentimes, our hair will choose health over length and that’s totally fine!

Still, we’re going to look at a comprehensive list of possible reasons why length and your locks just aren’t finding each other. And if you find that one or more of these reasons apply to you, we’ll also be plugging in a few helpful ways to remedy them.

Reason #1: You may have a Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency

No doubt, good nutrition and healthy hair go hand in hand. Health and dietary essentials like iodine, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C, omega-3s, and iron are also fundamental to the health of your hair and its length too. Getting a blood test is the surest way to detect any vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies you may have.

Quick fix: Take multi-mineral or vitamin supplements regularly—under the prescription of a medical professional, of course.

Reason #2: You’re not giving your scalp quality care

In a bid to grow our hair as fast as possible, many of us tend to pay more attention to our strands and not enough to our scalps. But the gag (and a fact that many people don’t know) is that growth comes from the scalp! Therefore, while you pamper and nourish your tresses, you need to be making equal investments in your scalp health too.

Note also that “growth comes from the scalp” doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair and focus on your scalp alone. Doing that can cause your hair to break or become damaged, defeating your original purpose entirely.

Quick fix: If you haven’t started using scalp serums already, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not too late! One of the best scalp serums on the market is our Hair Growth Serum. It’s super lightweight so your scalp doesn’t become greasy or cake easily with buildup. It’s blended with essential oils that boost the circulation in your scalp which can facilitate faster hair growth. It’s also an amazing treatment for scalp conditions such as severely dry or itchy scalp.

All you have to do is massage a few drops onto your scalp and experience the magic of our Hair Growth Serum!

Reason 3: You don’t trim your hair regularly.

Never underestimate the negative power of split ends. Your hair can be breaking faster than it is growing because your ends are damaged and you haven’t trimmed your split ends in a long while (or ever!). Split ends are also a common issue with hair that has been colored or excessively heat-styled.

Quick fix: As counterproductive as it may sound, you need to trim your hair often for it to grow. Keeping your hair ends blunt will prevent them from getting split. This will go a long way in helping you retain length. In addition, you should always use a good leave-in conditioner like the Protein Power Reparative 24/7 Hair Conditioner before styling your hair with any form of heat.

Reason 4: You’re hitting the dye and the heat a little too hard.

More than just split ends, chemical and heat use on hair also deplete the moisture levels in your hair and can damage essential structures in your hair that keep it strong and enable its growth.

Quick fix: A good protein treatment will remedy any damage that’s been done in this regard.

Reason 5: You’re just an Afro Queen or King.

There’s an erroneous belief among people with type 4 hair that shrinkage equals short hair and this is absolutely untrue! Your tighter curl or coil patterns just make it so that your actual growth takes a little longer to become noticeable. And guess what? Shrinkage is also a sign of healthy hair!

Quick fix: There’s no need for a “fix” here. Just keep giving your hair natural and regular care, stay patient, and trust, your hair IS growing beloved!







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