The Power of Protein


The health of our hair fully depends on the quality of care we give to it. If you
don’t use the right treatments for your hair or high quality products to care for it,
you risk your tresses becoming weak and vulnerable to the elements. This can
lead to your hair becoming unhealthy and looking dull and rough.

Now how does protein come into the hair health mix?

Protein is a core hair care ingredient that leaves your hair feeling soft, moisturized, and healthy. It is such an essential ingredient in your hair care products because it naturally moisturizes your hair, repairs any damage, prevents breakage, and even stimulates hair growth!

Why Proteins are Hair Care Essentials

Protein as a hair care ingredient works to supplement the pre-existing protein
structures in your hair (keratin) that may have been lost due to regular
manipulation, product buildup, and exposure to environmental conditions. This
makes using them an amazing way to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Proteins also minimize split ends, dry and brittle hair. If your hair is porous, limp,
shedding excessively, has been recently colored, or you simply discover that your strands aren’t looking as healthy as they ought to be, then it’s very likely that your hair needs protein.

Here are more reasons why you should start using products with proteins to care for your hair today:

1. Besides replenishing the natural structures in your hair, proteins also help to
soften your hair, making it 10 times easier to style with little to no breakage.
2. Proteins boost your hair growth to the max, resulting in longer, shinier, and
super voluminous hair.
3. Proteins lessen hair breakage, add strength to any limp or brittle strands of
hair, and prevent split ends.
4. Your hair has a natural balance of proteins, nutrients, and oils. A good protein
product will enrich this balance.

Protein Power Reparative 24/7 Hair Conditioner

We’ve learned how incredibly powerful proteins can be for the health and beauty
of your hair. Our best selling Protein Power Reparative 24/7 Hair Conditioner is the perfect place to begin if you’re looking to start reaping the hair benefits that
proteins provide. Two of the major protein components contained in our 24/7 hair conditioner are:

1. Collagen and Silk Proteins

Collagen and Silk Proteins possess superior absorption and penetrative properties that form a protective barrier over your hair and scalp while also replenishing and retaining moisture levels in your hair and repairing damaged hair through increased keratin production. This makes your strands and roots stronger and effectively protects your hair from follicle damage and graying.

2. Hydrolyzed Quinoa

Hydrolyzed Quinoa is an ingredient that performs multiple functions. The proteins in hydrolyzed quinoa penetrate your hair shaft and offer powerful protection to your strands. Hydrolyzed quinoa also hydrates your hair and scalp, boosting the shine and healthy appearance of the hair. It increases the elasticity and resilience of your hair and supports healthy blood flow in your scalp. Lastly, it’s a must-have for preserving hair that’s been color-treated.

Besides these powerful proteins, the Protein Power Reparative 24/7 Hair
Conditioner is also rich in numerous nutrients that strengthen, fortify, and repair
your hair. It’s a multi-functional 4-in-1 product, so you can use it as a leave-in
conditioner, detangler, deep conditioning treatment, and wash-out conditioner
after you shampoo. Now that’s the true power of protein!

For more information about this product and how to use it to attain the healthy,
gorgeous tresses you deserve, click here to read more on our website.

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