I founded Karen's Body Beautiful 19 years ago to create natural products for textured hair and healthy products to nourish your body.  I went natural 20 years ago and desperately needed healthy, natural products to take care of my hair and Karen's Body Beautiful was born.
2003- I taught myself how to make conditioners, pomades, lotions, soap, etc. in my home kitchen
2004- I opened a 500 sq. ft. retail store in Brooklyn, NY
2006- I relocated to a 2000 sq. ft. store
2010- I opened a full service day spa
2012- I opened an 8000 sq. ft. factory to expand our production
2013- KBB launched in Target and thousands of other national retailers 
Today you can find us here, at KarensBodyBeautiful.com, Amazon.com and independent retailers worldwide

I've toured in 35 states and Europe, spoken on many stages and have met and chatted with thousands of you guys and today Karen's Body Beautiful is still going strong!

I appreciate the support and trust you have put in my business during this awesome journey and I look forward to continuing to serve you!